1. Choosing a network
Tutorial on how to use Bridge Protocol to configure and deploy a new tokenized asset - Part 1: Choosing a network
Start by choosing on which network you want to create your new token, through the "Network" dropdown menu on the bottom left of the app.
Currently available networks are:


  • Mainnet
  • Ropsten (Testnet)
  • Goerli (Testnet)
  • Kovan (Testnet)
  • Ganache (local)

Binance Smart Chain

  • BSC Mainnet
  • BSC Testnet


  • Polygon Mainnet
  • Polygon Testnet


  • xDai Mainnet
  • xDai Testnet (Sokol)


  • Tezos Mainnet (soon)
  • Tezos Testnet
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