About Mt Pelerin

A few words on who we are.
Mt Pelerin is a project born in 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland, with the ambition to offer products and services bridging the crypto world, full of opportunities, with traditional finance, full of complex compliance regulations.
The company, Mt Pelerin Group SA, was bootstrapped by our community the next year through an equity crowdfunding that raised more than $2 million, the first one to offer a tokenized share with full voting and dividend rights to the public. We now have offices in Geneva and Neuchâtel.
Since then, we have become one of the leading actors in asset tokenization with Bridge Protocol, our tokenization platform, and we provide unique cryptocurrency services through our mobile app Bridge Wallet. Our long term goal is to develop a comprehensive banking offering that will completely blur the lines between traditional finance, cryptocurrencies and the world of DeFi.

Regulated in Switzerland

More importantly, we are an authorized Swiss financial intermediary, a status that allows us to perform financial services and KYC/AML. We process 100% of your identification ourselves, no outsourcing. Our processes are also regularly audited by an external and independent entity. In our case, that entity is VQF, a self-regulatory organization (SRO) that is officially recognized by FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority.