Added new APIs section with the followings APIs:
  • API for unsupported countries
  • API for supported chains and assets
  • API for fees and exchange conversion result
Lowered network delivery fees in Pricing & limits.
Updated network delivery fees in Pricing & limits.
We now support instant EUR and GBP transfers through the SEPA Instant and Faster Payments networks, more info here:
Removed on-ramp support for:
  • jCHF on Gnosis Chain
  • jEUR on BNB Chain, Gnosis Chain
Added on-ramp support for jGBP on Polygon.
Added the support of Bitcoin Lightning ⚡️ in Currenciesand Options.
Added the 'chain' parameter in Options, which is required to validate the address of a smart contract wallet (EIP1271).
Currencies update:
  • The purchase of jEUR and jCHF on Polygon is available again.
  • The purchase of jEUR and jCHF is not available on Avalanche anymore.
  • The jEUR is now also available on Optimism.
  • The agEUR is now available on Optimism.
Removed the on-ramp support of jAUD, jJPY, jSEK and jZAR in Currencies (off ramp still available).
Buying crypto by card now requires KYC. KYC-less limits still apply to bank transfer transactions.
Added Cuba to the list of non supported countries in Supported countries.
We are temporarily pausing the ability to buy the jCHF, jEUR and jGBP stablecoins on Ethereum and Polygon due to liquidity issues at Jarvis Network. Cash outs remain available for them.
We have reactived on-ramp for the jAUD, jCAD, jSEK, jSGD and jZAR stablecoins.
Updated Pricing & limitswith the new MPS fee reduction program, removed free Jarvis jFiat pricing.
New revenue sharing program! More info in Revenue sharing
  • We are temporarily pausing the ability to buy the jAUD, jCAD, jGBP, jJPY, jSEK, jSGD and jZAR stablecoins due to liquidity issues at Jarvis Network. Cash outs remain available for them, as well as purchases of jCHF and jEUR.
  • Supported countries update: According to updates in Swiss sanctions, we do not accept Russian citizens and residents of Russia as clients of our crypto-fiat exchange service anymore.
  • Users can now validate a Bitcoin address by signing a message with a Ledger or with a Trezor, instead of having to do a Satoshi test (verification transaction).
If you have integrated the widget as an iframe, make sure to add allow="usb" in the iframe tag to enable hardware wallet signing.
  • Portuguese UI display parameter now available in Options
  • Dark mode now available in Options
  • New 'ctry' parameter to set default phone country code in Options
  • Frame wallet support
  • If the 'tabs' parameter is used, the buy/sell nav menu is now hidden
  • The "Transfer crypto" screen now switches to a confirmation screen when the user's crypto transaction is detected
Updated card pricing in Pricing & limits
Added support for new cryptocurrencies in Currencies
  • EUROC on Ethereum
  • LUSD on Ethereum, Optimism
  • XCHF on Ethereum, Optimism
Reduced in Pricing & limits the delivery fee for purchases on Ethereum L1 from $10 to $1 for ETH, $25 to $5 for other tokens.
Added new integration support channel in Support
Increased minimum cash out amount from CHF 25 to CHF 50 (or equivalent in other currencies) in Pricing & limits
Increased max. limit to buy crypto by card from CHF/EUR 200 to 5,000 per transaction for users who have completed their identification.
Other users can still buy crypto by card without KYC up to CHF/EUR 200 per transaction.
Users wishing to buy/sell amounts that are above our KYC-less thresholds can now pass their KYC directly in the widget without leaving the interface. Users don't need to download Bridge Wallet to pass their KYC anymore.
Removed UST from supported Currencies
Added support for USDT on RSK in Currencies
Added support for new cryptocurrencies in Currencies:
  • agEUR on Ethereum, Polygon
  • EURL on Tezos
  • EURS on Ethereum, Polygon
  • EURT on Ethereum, Polygon
  • FRAX on Avalanche, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon
  • jCHF, jEUR on Avalanche, Gnosis Chain
  • MAI on Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon
  • UST on Avalanche, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon
  • Added Swiss QR bill support : when receiving their on-ramp bank transfer information, Swiss users can now use QR code to automatically enter our coordinates in their e-banking system. The QR codes can also be used to pay in cash at any Swiss post office.
  • Removed support for AED, CZK, HUF, ILS, MXN, PLN, RON, THB, TRY as off-ramp fiat currencies
  • New 'mylogo' parameter in Options to add your own logo in the widget's footer left of "powered by Mt Pelerin"
  • Removed GBP and USD for card purchase settlements.
  • Corrected DOC into RDOC
  • You can now automatically supply the user's receiving and sending public address with new 'addr', 'code' and 'hash' parameters, see Options for more information.
  • Added support for the RSK network with DOC, RBTC and RIF in Currencies
  • Added jAUD, jJPY and jSEK on Polygon in Currencies
  • Added jZAR on BNB Chain in Currencies
  • UI/UX improvements:
    • Users can now easily copy-paste our bank account coordinates on mobile
    • A warning message informing the user that he/she will need to pass KYC is now displayed in the calculator input field if an amount of CHF 1,000 or above (or equivalent) is entered
  • Transaction notification emails are now sent in the same language as the interface
  • Removed Ukraine from the list of unsupported countries in Supported countries
  • Clarified how to use primary and success parameters in Options
  • Improved UI/UX of phone, email, wallet selection and registration status screens.
  • Added the "tabs" parameter in Options, which can be used to only display the "Buy" or the "Sell" tab of the interface
  • Removed RUB from supported fiat currencies
  • Renamed Binance Smart Chain into BNB Chain
  • Updated BNB Chain network icon
  • Updated BNB token icon
  • Removed Bridge Wallet mentions in notification emails
Added new parameters in Options:
  • nets: allows you to control the list of available networks
  • curs: allows you to control the list of available fiat currencies
  • crys: allows you to control the list of available cryptocurrencies
  • success: allows you to control the CTA color
  • Removed the 50 minimum purchase by card in 💳 By card
  • Updated commission structure for card payments in 💳 By card
  • Added a CHF1.20 (or equivalent) fixed fee for card payments in 💳 By card
  • Official launch date: March 1st 2022
  • Added jCHF, jEUR and jGBP support on the Binance Smart Chain network in Currencies
  • Added a mention in 💳 Debit & credit cards that we do not accept payments from cards issued to a company.
  • Created the changelog page
  • Removed the 50 minimum purchase by bank transfer in Pricing & limits
  • Added a 50 minimum purchase by card in Pricing & limits
  • Added AUD, DKK, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK, ZAR as new on ramp currencies in Currencies (SWIFT transfers)