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Standard bank transfers



Instant EUR/GBP transfers



Card payments






On/off-ramps in GBP



Without KYC

An end user can use our exchange service without having to verify his/her identity within the following limits:



CHF 1,000


CHF 15,000


CHF 100,000

The limits are for a user's total annual volume cumulated across both on/off ramp and swaps. They reset each year on January 1st.

Limits are calculated in CHF and applied in equivalent in other currencies.

Below these limits, we only ask users to provide a mobile phone number that serves as the main user ID in our system, and an email address for receiving transaction notifications.

Once one of these limits is reached, the user must pass KYC to continue using our service.

We reserve the right to ask users additional information on a given transfer or to pass KYC below those limits depending on their transaction activity.

With KYC

Once one of the limits above is reached, the user must pass KYC to continue using our service. To do so, the interface will invite them to pass their identification with us. You will find more information about our identification process here.

Please note that we process 100% of users identification internally, therefore their data never leave our secured servers and no third party has access to them.

We reserve the right to charge a CHF 20 fee (or equivalent) to refund non-compliant transfers.

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